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A Year In Review: 12 Watches From Watch Gang

This monthly men’s box club is so popular right now, but I had to find out if it’s truly legit.

Imagine if you got a box delivered to your house every month… and inside was a brand new, stylish, luxury watch from an in-demand brand… picked out just for you – to keep – not rent. Seems too good to be true, right?

Well, that’s what Watch Gang, named the Best Box Club for Men in 2018, claims to do for guys like us. In fact, you may have seen how popular they’ve gotten, with features in Forbes, The Today Show, as well as thousands of guys talking about them on Facebook and Instagram.

This monthly watch club has figured out a way to give guys what they want … top-line wrist watches at a low, affordable price and the convenience of a no-hassle, no-shop, just-get-it-to-me-fast auto-shipping program. After reading about how much guys are talking about Watch Gang, I knew I had to give it a critical look and see exactly what all the hype is about… and if it’s worth it.

What is Watch Gang?

In simple terms, Watch Gang is a club for watch lovers. The founder is a watch geek and wanted to put a program together that gave guys like him the opportunity to get their hands (and their wrists) on top of the line watches that are typically only available to those who spend a ton of time deal hunting. The founder started the company after his dad passed away and left him a watch. “This was the catalyst for me starting Watch Gang. I loved watches but didn’t know anything about them. I started collecting them after my dad left me his and I wanted to give guys around the world an opportunity to do the same.” – Matthew Gallagher, Founder.

How Does Watch Gang Work?

First of all, you KEEP the watches! Watch Gang works like a lot of other monthly box clubs. First, you select your preferred monthly membership (depending on your tastes and budget, they are priced at three levels: Original, Black, and Platinum which is 100% automatic movements) then swipe some watches you like or don’t like so they get a feel for your style. Then, Watch Gang ships you a brand new watch every month (or every quarter – it’s up to you). Each shipment is fully insured and guaranteed. By keeping all the watches you get, they are guaranteeing that you build a valuable collection this is all your own.

Soon, you’ll have a collection of watches featuring the variety, style, and high quality you deserve … for every occasion. And since we know that you can tell a lot from a guy by the type of watch he’s sporting, this is an easy way to improve your look and create that valuable first impression you want.

Is Watch Gang Really Worth the Hype?

For the past few months, thanks in part to its huge social media following and appearances by the founder on national TV shows… not to mention shout-outs from celebs like Jamie Foxx who was praising Watch Gang during last year’s Oscars… guys (and gals) seriously can’t seem to get enough of it.

What Happened When I Tried Watch Gang

After scrolling through tons of photos of guys showing off their watches, I knew I had to try it out for myself… and share my real experiences so they can make an informed decision about Watch Gang. So I decided to become a member and committed to a full year of Watch Gang Black. At $99 a month ($91 for me since I signed up for a year), this plan promises to send me watches worth up to $500 each (up to 5 times the value of my membership). Game on!

Here’s what happened:

1 My First Watch

I received my first Watch Gang box in August, and I was impressed. An automatic right out of the gate! The Seiko SSA389 is very cool, with a carbon fiber dial face, a 24-hour complication, and Caliber 4R37 automatic movement that shows you the inner workings through the open caseback. As a tech guy, I really appreciate that. And with a value of $415, I am already feeling good about this.

Seiko SSA389 Automatic | $415 – 4.1x membership value

WATCHES 2 3 4 5

The Villandry Moonphase that I got as my second watch couldn’t have been more different than that Seiko. Starting with the leather pouch it comes in, the classic white watch face, roman numerals and tracking of day, date and even the phase of moon, it stands out from the pack. All that added up to a big win from a boutique watchmaker.

Villandry Moonphase | $285 – 2.8x membership value
Jerome Lamrs Rodin Automatic | $795 – 4.9x membership value

Watch #3, the Jerome Lemars Rodin is one that gives me all the stuff I like in a stainless steel automatic … clean design, precise movements … a balanced combo of form and function. Came in a snazzy box and had a $495 value (this membership is already paying way beyond itself).

Deep Blue Defender, came as Watch #4, and this sports watch has me wanting to hit the beach or the gym for a strong workout. One of buddy’s from my weekend basketball pickup game has a Deep Blue I have been admiring, so it’s cool I get one of my own.

Deep Blue Defender | $299 – 3x membership value

That watch was followed by my first GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) timepiece, a Charles Hutton. It’s definitely ununusual, and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure if this look fits me. I tried it a couple of times but realized it was kinda taking a backseat in my collection. So, I figured my loss can be someone else’s gain, so I gifted it to my younger brother. His style is not quite mine, so it felt good when he said he loves it and wears it all the time.

WATCHES 6 and 7

As impressed as I felt about the first 5 watches, the next two timepieces have given me the biggest values of them all. First of these was Watch #6, an elegant Heritor Becker automatic with a brushed face and bezel plus classy leather strap. For my $99 membership due, I got my hands on a watch that retails for $650 or more. Crazy.

Then, watch #7 ended up being the German-made Fortuna SN72410. With a value of more than $578, I laughed out loud at how much I saved by getting such a cool retro watch (think late 60s, early 70s James Bond) with plenty of gold, bronze, and leather touches.

WATCH 8 From Russia With Love

I’m highlighting Watch #8, the CCCP Gorshkov, because this is one that really stands out from the crowd. I never heard of CCCP before, but quickly discovered that this company loves to make watches inspired by the Soviet Era of Russia. From the mesh band to the bold face features (complete with black and red metal accents) and the intricate visible mechanics on the back, it’s now one of my favorites because it gets a lot of comments.

CCCP Gorgoshkov Automatic | $520 – 5.2x membership value

WATCHES 9 10 11

Watch #9, the Melbourne Lonsdale, was exciting because I’m pretty familiar with Melbourne Watch Company. They’re really popular in the microbrand scene and are made in Australia. This automatic watch is perfect for day-to-day activities with its super-durable design, reliable Seiko NH35 movement, and cool sapphire crystal.

Melbourne Lonsdale Automatic | $495 – 4.9x membership value

For my 10th watch, I received the J. Brackett Chios, a stainless steel automatic with a date adjust and a rugged and straight-forward, no-frills look and feel. It looks a lot like the  Jerome Lemars Rodin I received but much sportier.

Watch #11 came next, and this Blackwell Stuyvesant Park is VERY different from the others. It’s clean and straight-forward, which makes it versatile. This watch works with a suit as well as it does jeans and a T-shirt.


100%Nautis Dive Chrono 500 | $375 –3.7x membership value

BONUS! – The Best Part About Watch Gang

I love getting my monthly mystery watches, it feels like Christmas when a watch shows up at my door every month, but one of my favorite parts of my Watch Gang membership is their Wheel of Watches. The Wheel where you can buy the watch that you want, except you could walk away with one that’s even better, like a TAG or a Rolex. I have spun The Wheel about a dozen times so far and received an upgrade twice, giving me watches worth at least 3x what I paid/spun for them. It’s been a great way to grow my collection while I wait for my next subscription watch to arrive. I’m pretty sure all Watch Gang members can access it, so you don’t need to have a subscription to Spin The Wheel. You’ll love it, trust me on this one.

Watches from The Wheel

So, is it worth it?

After 12 months of Watch Gang, I have to admit that I’m impressed. Not only did I receive high-quality watches every month at way less what I would pay if I bought those watches at retail, but the service Watch Gang provides is top-notch. They are always available to answer any questions and they interact very professionally with their members and truly put the client first.

12 Watches Received

$1,200 Total cost of membership

$5,131 Total value of membership

= 4.2x Membership Value on Average

A chance to win a ROLEX & a TAG Heuer every week?

So this part’s kinda crazy… the people at Watch Gang give away a Rolex and TAG to a member every week (and now a Seiko every Saturday). Members are automatically entaered for the chance to win a weekly drawing. They do a live video 3 times a week on Facebook and Instagram so you can actually watch live and see if you win. It’s like a gameshow! I haven’t won yet! Wish me luck (or rather, good luck to you!) Watch Gang truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I love this company.

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