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Get a Better Return on Your Investment With This Amazing Watch Company

We’ve said it before and will say it again, wearing a watch is a simple and effective way to instantly elevate your look. You need to have at least one watch, and ideally, a few in your collection to suit different outfits and occasions. So, when you’re looking to start a collection or shopping for your next watch, is Watch Gang the way to go?

Here’s the deal (literally) on this incredible watch club: Not only does Watch Gang get you watches at up to 70% off retail prices, but members also get the chance to win a Rolex every week.

When you sign up as a Watch Gang member, you’re saving big time on every watch you receive—and the return could be significant. A Rolex Submariner was worth $4,700 in 2010, and is worth $8,000 today, meaning it actually becomes more valuable even as you wear it—you can’t say about many things!

Rolex Value Over Time

Rolex Submariner versus Timerating.coms Portfolio of Watches in €

Pricing & Chart:

“A Rolex Submariner was worth $4,700 in 2010, and is worth $8,000 today”

Over 200 Rolex Winners and Counting

Since 2016, Watch Gang has been giving away at least one Rolex and TAG Heuer every single week, and real members like these have enjoyed this huge return on their investment.

“Absolutely amazing! Signed up for a subscription without knowing you got entered to win a Rolex. Somehow I hadn’t even gotten my first subscription watch sent yet and they notified me that I’d won, honestly thought it was a scam…. And today it came in the mail. Thanks so much for the great customer service along the way. You guys are the real deal!! @watchgang” – bam33


Watch Gang guarantees that every watch is worth at least the cost of your membership fee, but many of the watches Watch Gang sends their members are worth WAY more. This Watch Gang member vouches for this, saying that the Jerome LeMars Chagall he got in the $299 Platinum Tier is “the best watch I’ve received.” With a swiss-made automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and a retail value of $1,145,

You might be wondering, how is Watch Gang able to do this? It turns out that Watch Gang partners directly with the brands they work with, which allows them to get amazing deals for their members. And in the case of some of the craft brands without mass distribution, Watch Gang can provide exposure to a larger audience for them, which, in turn, gets you their product at a huge value.


If you’re into incredible value and quality timepieces, Watch Gang might be something for you to look into. Watch Gang loves getting you great deals so much, they’ve offered our readers an extra 15% off their first watch. Just enter code SAVEALERT at checkout to start saving (and in a few years, you’ll be glad you did!)

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Your First Watch

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