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Everyday Carry Essentials

Life is always easier when you have all your essentials covered. Head out into the world prepared with this list of everyday essentials to make your day go as smoothly (and resourcefully) as possible:

#5: Headphones


Whether you’re on non-stop conference calls or constantly listening to music, headphones are a must. Apple’s AirPods have become wildly popular for good reason – they’re a convenient option and deliver quality audio effortlessly. If you’re looking for noise cancelling, check out the new Pro versions. Want another option? Try something from the Jabra line which are known for their exceptional sound quality.

#4: Watch

seiko chronograph.png

Having the right watch is essential for a few reasons: 1) you want to always have the time on hand to avoid running late and 2) you want to look good! There are so many watches to choose from and, ideally, you have a few in your collection, but one great option to have is a Seiko chronograph. It can be worn with many different outfits and will provide you with a lot of info at a glance.

#3: Sunglasses

edc-everyday carry-essentials.jpg

Don’t leave home without ‘em, even on a foggy day the sun can make you squint! Just like with your watch, we think it’s best to keep it as versatile as possible with your sunglass choice. Warby Parker is a great place to start. They’ll send you a box of glasses to try on before you commit so you can see what looks best on your face. We’d recommend something classic like the “Hayes” style.

#2: Wallet


All wallets are not created equal. We recommend shying away from those big, bulky bi-folds like you used to see in your dad’s pocket and upgrade to something more minimal like The Ridge Wallet which comes in a variety of metals and includes helpful features like RFID blocking to protect your privacy.

#1: Tool


You never know when you’re going to need a multifunction tool, though you can always count on not having one on you when you need it the most. Solve that problem by slipping an ingenious tool card into your wallet like the SwissCard Lite from Victorinox which includes everything from multiple screwdrivers to a pair of scissors to an LED flashlight!

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