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Security Camera Captures a Life-changing Delivery: ‘My Heart Was Pounding’

We’ve said it before and will say it again, wearing a watch is a simple and effective way to instantly elevate your look. You need to have at least one watch, and ideally, a few in your collection to suit different outfits and occasions. So, when you’re looking to start a collection or shopping for your next watch, is Watch Gang the way to go?

When you see someone scope out your house and then sneak into your yard with a strange package, you don’t necessarily assume the best.

After hearing my dog freak out, I was a little curious what all the commotion was about and discovered a package on the front step. I went to check out the box, with no idea who it’s from or what might be inside.

“I can’t believe how close my dog came to ruining everything.”

When I catch a glimpse of the label and see “WG,” my heart rate slows down a little, knowing that this looks like a package from Watch Gang. But as I start to open the box, my heart starts pounding again, this time, because of what’s in it..


It was something amazing—a ROLEX! I had dreamt of owning a Rolex for years, and eventually, passing it down to my son one day.

Watch Gang is known for surprises and giving away Rolexes, but I never expected that this is how my suspicious delivery inquiry would end. 

Hundreds People Have Won a Rolex From Watch Gang

Since 2016, Watch Gang has been giving away at least one Rolex and TAG Heuer every single week, and real members like these have enjoyed this huge return on their investment.

“Absolutely amazing! …they notified me that I’d won, honestly thought it was a scam…. And today it came in the mail. [Watch Gang] is the real deal!!”


Watch Gang guarantees that every watch is worth at least the cost of your membership fee, but many of the watches Watch Gang sends their members are worth WAY more.

You might be wondering, how is Watch Gang able to do this? It turns out that Watch Gang partners directly with the brands they work with, which allows them to get amazing deals for their members. And in the case of some of the craft brands without mass distribution, Watch Gang can provide exposure to a larger audience for them, which, in turn, gets you their product at a huge value.


If you’re into incredible value and quality timepieces, Watch Gang might be something for you to look into. Watch Gang loves getting you great deals so much, they’ve offered our readers an extra 15% off their first watch. Just enter code SAVEALERT at checkout to start saving (and in a few years, you’ll be glad you did!)

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