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Mens Fashion Forward


Cargos Making a Comeback!

Why are cargo shorts and pants making a comeback, you ask? Because they never left!

For the last 5 years or so, cargo shorts and pants have been shunned by the elites in the fashion world. Cargos have been criticized as suburban dad wear. They have been insulted as out of touch frat boy fashion unsuitable for the modern man. Our answer to that is…MAYBE?

We Still Have Our Cargos

We asked a lot of people if they still had their shorts and they ALL said “yes.” Dudes wear these in low key situations. They also kept their pants. It was almost a subtle snub to the fashion establishment.

Of course we all love our cargos. We have them because they’re useful. It was a thing when they became fashionable. But they became fashionable because they’re useful. Right?! I mean, c’mon guys. You know how much you love them. Remember going to a festival or a music event? You had all the pocket space you needed for EVERYTHING. Try doing that with skinny jeans. What if your significant other who’s wearing super tight clingy outfits with no pockets asks you carry their keys or wallet? Can you do that with your skinny jeans? No. But you can with your cargos!!!

The utility of the cargos has always outweighed their maybe less than stylish mode. But now, when everything old is new again and nonconformist styles are hip and cool, that means that cargos and back, baby!! And now, we have a pandemic. Where are you gonna stash your mask and sanitizer for the fall? In your skinny jeans pocket? Or your cool tapered luxe sweats with barely any pockets? Nope. No. You won’t. You’ll stash your goods in the side pockets of your cargo pants and not think twice about it.

A Useful Wardrobe Piece

No one is saying that you have to wear them all the time. The point being made is that you should no longer fear breaking out your cargo pants or cargo shorts and fear being a social outcast. They go with just about anything. Hoodies, t’shirts, polos, short sleeve button downs, sneakers, boots, whatever. They are a versatile fashion choice that became the black sheep of men’s outerwear. Well, you don’t have to hide your cargos in shame any longer! Get ‘em out and wear ’em with pride!

Never Know When You’ll Need Pockets

ColdPlay Concert in New York City? You’re gonna need lots of stuff. Wallet, keys, and cell phone occupy lots of pocket real estate as it is. For a show or an event? Gum, hand sanitizer, extra masks, and even a spot for a water bottle. Maybe a phone charger. Bags are a security hassle. Some spots won’t even let you in if your bag isn’t clear. But cargo pants? Done deal, brah.

Carhartt Men’s Rugged Cargo Pant in Relaxed Fit

Fit For Heroes

If they’re not already back everywhere, they will be soon. Why not be the trendsetter and make it happen? At the very least, you know you’ll never run out of pocket space! They’re good enough for the military, then they’re good enough for us too! Nothing wrong with making use of a little utility!

AKARMY Men’s Casual Cargo Pants Military Army Camo Combat Work Pants with 8 Pockets

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