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Suit Staples Every Man Should Have

Every man needs suits. Here’s a starter kit and some pointers on styles and types of suits every man should have.

Every man needs suits. Not just one suit; you need at least 3. And you should have a formal suit dry cleaned and available at all times, just in case. Here are some pointers on styles and types. [Note: This article is geared more toward the novice suit wearer. It’s a starter kit, if you will. We can get serious in the next article and go crazy on pocket squares for you suit pros.]

Black or Navy Blue Suit, No Patterns.

Job interviews and funerals happen. Sometimes, without proper notice. That’s why you should always have one of these formal suits ready to go at a moment’s notice. Simply put, the classy elegance of a suit can’t be thrown together without proper preparation.

  • Get measured. There’s no option. Most any formal retailer will be able to take your measurements.
  • Buy a non patterned, black or navy blue suit and keep it dry-cleaned, preferably in a suit bag.

Joseph A. Bank, Men’s Warehouse, and Brooks Brothers are the best places to acquire these. You’ll want to spend at least $250 on your formal wear. 

Seasonal Suits

While you could technically pull off a dark, formal suit or even a grey suit at a beach wedding, we, at Men’s Fashion Forward, would prefer that you didn’t.

Weddings are the rare occasions that you actually get to plan your formalwear for an event, unless of course you are in the wedding. What we mean by that is not many of us are going to movie premieres or the Oscars Red Carpets so weddings and other such events are what we get.

For a beach wedding or a wedding in the south, there are some rules. If the invitation is marked formal, you have options. A suit is required and we recommend getting creative. 

Linen suits

Phot Credit: Italian Pacifico Linen Suit

Nothing says Don Johnson like a linen suit. Nothing says beach wedding like one either. You’re guaranteed to pull some glances from guests at whichever event you don this get-up. Just be sure it’s not the Cape in December.


Classic, southern Bourgeois, can be worn with a bow tie, or no tie. Oftentimes, the right guy can pull off some gucci loafers and no socks with the right Seer Sucker. Oh, and this actually will work on the Cape in July.

Tan, Beige, Taupe suits also work great for warm weather, outdoor events.

Out on the Town Suits

If you’ve shopped at Banana Republic or any other high-end retailer, you know they sell suit “separates.” This just means that you can buy the pants and jacket separately or together. The material is less expensive but still sharp. Say, you’re heading out on the town or just need a suit or two for an office event that won’t break the bank. These work great and often look more stylish and hip/metro than the stuff you’d get at a men’s formalwear joint.

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