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Mens Fashion Forward


7 Fashion Items Every Man Needs

Belts, jeans, and shoes for all occasions are a must for every modern man. Here are a few other less thought about items to be sure you add to your collection.

A Navy or Black Suit Drycleaned and Ready to Rock

Sometimes funerals, job interviews, weddings, or other special occasions happen. So whether or not suits are regularly part of your wardrobe, every man needs one at the ready. Along with this dark suit should be some dark patent leather shoes or boots, a formal belt, and perhaps a watch. Depending on the shirt you choose, maybe even some cufflinks. Again, this is a “just in case” scenario.

An Instrument

Guitar, harmonica, mandolin, djembe, bass, turntables, whatever. Find some time to try and teach yourself an instrument at some point in your life. You may love it. You may hate it. BUT, having it around is a conversation piece at the very least and a party enhancer at the most. Someone you know will want to play it. Yes, instruments are fashionable.

Rogue beginner’s guitar.

A Wallet

Even if it’s an all virtual wallet, you still need somewhere to house your driver’s license/ID card. There are tons of other options now for keeping your essentials together, including money clips with card slots and streamlined leather card holders. You don’t have to get too fancy, but it can’t hurt to have a couple back ups for different occasions as well. 

A Waistcoat

Just kidding. You definitely do NOT need a “vest” just taking up space in your closet.

Clean, White Sneaks

Yes, you read that right. You should always keep a pair of lightly worn sneakers around. You’d be surprised at how useful they can be for a multitude of outfits. Simple white tee and your pre-ripped XMNL jeans would do right nice with some low profile super clean all white vans. Said Vans can complement your black with white stripe quarter top vans. Make these your “going-out” shoes.

Nike Court Royale 2 Low


It’s no longer okay to use your dad’s old army duffel to travel around. There are all kinds of affordable roller bags for you to buy. Try getting one in a unique color (not black) because they’re easier to distinguish at baggage claim. Don’t want anyone mistaking your bag for theirs and not noticing until it’s too late and they’re at home rifling through your skivvies. Also, you need a good dop kit for your toiletries. (see next article on why men’s toiletry bags are called dop kits).

Protocol Explorer Hardside 24″ Lightweight Luggage


You’re going to need a few different hoodies for your wardrobe. Hoodies without logos or patterns are preferable. Consider a grey and black hoodie as staples to wear almost anyplace in the spring and fall months. If you wanna get crazy and add some color, light yellow or beige is always a good choice.

Charcoal grey zip up hoodie!

Watch or Bracelet

Most men are lacking in the accessory department. A watch or a bracelet can accentuate your outfit, your workout routine, and be an ice breaker or conversation piece on most any occasion. Watch collecting is also fun and you’d be surprised at the community of watch collectors out there.

Out of Order watch courtesy of Watch Gang.

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