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How To Transition Summer Favorites Into Fall

With fall just around the corner, you may think it’s time to retire some of your favorite summer pieces. Think again! Here are some ways to stretch your summer fashion favorites into cooler months.

#5: Button-downs


The ultimate in versatility, button-downs can serve you well in the summer by providing an extra layer for chilly nights. In the fall, roll those sleeves down and button them up for more warmth and a look suited for a new season.

#4: Khakis


Khakis are great in the summer because they are way more breathable than jeans, and you can roll them up for a beachy, vacation vibe. Come fall, khakis are a great pant option to pair with warmer items like crewneck sweater, without the added weight of jeans.

#3: White Tee


The classic that never lets you down. You’ve been wearing them all summer and there’s no reason why they can’t be the perfect sidekick in the fall. Layer up with a flannel, cardigan, or jacket, and you’ve got just the right amount of contrast and versatility to make it through any fluctuating temps.

#2: Shorts


Yeah, you read that right! There ARE ways to get away with shorts as the weather gets cooler, and they can be just the right thing when temps start to drop but aren’t WAY down just yet. Try pairing some shorts with a sweatshirt or hoodie to offset this warm weather clothing piece.

#1: Hats


Wear them in the summer to keep the sun out of your eyes, but come fall, hats are perfect for keeping a little bit of extra heat on your head. Keep it simple with a baseball cap or go bold with a wide-brim felt hat. Either way, you’ll look great and stay warmer!

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