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Mens Fashion Forward


Back To Basics

Having the right basics in your wardrobe takes the guesswork out of getting dressed, which means you’ll spend less time figuring out what to wear. Here are 5 basic pieces that you can always build an outfit with.

#5: T-Shirts


Not all tee shirts are equal! Feel free to mix it up a bit with color (though you’ll want at least a few black and white tees as a foundation) Fit is important here, make sure go for a fitted, athletic cut. Don’t want to go searching for the perfect cotton tee? Check out Basic MAN and a team of professionals will carefully curate a box full of basics to send your way every month.

#4: Pants


Obviously we’re going to start with jeans here. We’d recommend having three pairs of jeans, a dark blue pair, a lighter, more casual wash pair, and black pair. You’ll be able to mix-and-match to find just the right look for almost any occasion. When it comes to fit, you’re gonna want something tailored but not too tight, think fitted through the seat but not clinging to your legs. Next up, we’d recommend having a pair of chinos—same fit as the jeans though you can get away with looser here and still look great!

#3: Shoes


Shoes can make or break an outfit but that doesn’t mean they’re something you have to stress about. Our three must-haves are: a pair of nice, white leather sneakers, a pair of high-top chucks (keep it neutral, like black or white), and a pair of nice trainers (we’d recommend something like Adidas PrimeKnit or something like it).

#2: Sunglasses


Don’t overthink these, just make sure they’re nice and simple and you’ll be good to go. RayBan Wayfarers or some Tom Ford Jamesons will do the trick and look good with anything.

#1: Jackets


When it comes to basic jackets, you can’t do better than a classic bomber. Pick something in a versatile color like black, olive green, or navy and you’ll be able to wear it with pretty much anything. Want another option? A denim jacket is almost as versatile as a bomber with the added benefit of being able to roll up the sleeves (just don’t mix it with jeans!)

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