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Grooming Boxes to Try

A good grooming regimen is important to keep you looking and feeling your best. Have you ever reached for your razor so you could get a fresh shave only to find your blades are dull and you’re out of shaving cream? A subscription service can make sure you never run out of the essentials you need ever again. Here are a few grooming boxes to try to keep you (and your razor blades!) looking sharp.

#4: Dollar Shave Club


Like the name indicates, Dollar Shave Club will deliver top-notch shaving essentials to your door, but they also offer other self-care essentials like shower and oral care as well! Depending on which box you go for, prices will range from $10 – $60.

#3: The Beard Club

the beard club.jpg

For bearded men, The Beard Club offers a curated beard kit that you can customize with Beard Club oils, tamers, stylers, washes, scissors, combs, and growth supplements. You’ll customize your order, so the price will vary depending on what you choose.

#2: Birchbox Grooming

birchbox grooming .jpg

For $10 a month (or $110/year if you enroll in an annual plan) this box will send you five grooming products, anything from fragrance, deodorant, moisturizer, and conditioner. You’ll fill out a profile when you sign up so they get an idea of the kind of products you need. You’ll get to try travel-sized products from high-end brands. Once you try everything out, you can decide if you’d like to upgrade to full sizes!

#1: Harry’s


Harry’s allows you to choose exactly which shaving products you need (like just blades, shaving gel, extra razors, etc.) and how often you’d like to receive them. Each shipment is $15- $35 depending on what you choose, and you can have it delivered every 2, 3, or 5 months.

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