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Mens Fashion Forward


Style Rules Worth Breaking

Although many unwritten style rules are excellent guidelines for navigating your personal style, there are definitely some exceptions. Here are our top 5 rules that are worth breaking:

Rule #5: “Don’t mix black and navy”


The secret to pairing these two colors is to choose shades that complement each other, not compete. Can’t tell that your navy shirt is navy until you lay it next to your black pants? Then skip it.

Rule #4: “Don’t mix black and brown”

brown and black suit.jpg

Follow a similar rule as with black and navy and don’t choose shades that compete with each other. But a light brown belt on your black jeans? No problem.

Rule #3: “Ties only belong with a suit jacket”


Ties don’t only need to be paired with a suit. Trying wearing one with casual trousers—the key is to wear an outer layer like a leather jacket or cardigan.

Rule #2: “No white after Labor Day”


Although many use Labor Day to make the official end of summer, it doesn’t mean that the warm weather immediately goes away, so your white clothes shouldn’t either. Feel free to sport your summer whites as long as the temperature is too hot for black.

Rule #1: “Your watch goes on your non-dominant wrist”

watch on wrist.jpg

There isn’t much to say here other than—wear your watch on whichever wrist is most comfortable to you! It doesn’t matter if you are right-handed or left-handed. Your watch will look great either way.

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