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What to Wear: At The Beach

Heading to the beach this summer? We’ve compiled a list of 5 beach day fashion essentials to help you look your best during your sandy respite.

Heading to the beach this summer? We’ve compiled a list of 5 beach day fashion essentials to help you look your best during your sandy respite.

#5: Sandals


Okay, enough with the old, worn-out backyard flip-flops. Going open-toed doesn’t have to be funky. We’ll give you a few options here – first off, Birkenstocks are back and are a great way to give your toes some space while still keeping your style game upscale and on-trend. Of course, if you wanna stick to the tried-and-true flip-flop game you can – we’d recommend you forgo the cheap plastic ones and go for some leather ones. They’ll last longer and look better. Last option – Tevas! Yup, Teva are back and have that whole ‘90s nostalgia thing going for them!

#4: Sunglasses


Let’s be real, it doesn’t get much beachier than a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They’ll make you look like you just hopped off a yacht in Hyannis Port and strike just the right balance between relaxed and manicured. Looking for something a little more modern but still classic? We’d recommend the ‘Gregory Peck’ shades from Oliver Peoples Eyewear. They’re cool, calm, and collected just like the man they’re named after. Of course, you could always completely flip the script and go ultra-modern…check out nopeet’s far-out collection of reflective neon glasses that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

#3: Dive Watch


Dive watches are renowned not only for their timeless style but most importantly for a day at the beach, their water-resistance! Strap one on your wrist for the perfect finish to your beach look. You’ll look polished and won’t have to worry about getting it wet! You can’t go wrong with a watch from Seiko USA.

#2: Swimsuit


Boardshorts are great but if they’re too long they make you look frumpy. Get something with a well-fitting, modern cut from a company like Bonobos or Chubbies. OR you could sign up for a curated beach-themed subscription box like Beachly, and see what the tide brings in from one of their experts.

#1: Breezy Button-down


You don’t have to wear a tee-shirt to feel comfortable at the beach. A loose-fitting button down, like Proper Cloth‘s linen one, is JUST as comfortable as a tee and looks way more polished.

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